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Born in Manhattan, New York in 1973, Anthony Gatto was destine to forever change the face of the juggling world. Early in his childhood his family moved to Ellicott City, Maryland and it was there at the age of four that Anthony picked up his first ball to embark on a most incredible journey as a professional juggler.

Coached by Nick Gatto an ex-vaudeville entertainer and member of the famous Los Gatos acrobatic trio, Anthony seemed to have a profound feel and understanding of object manipulation. At age 8 Anthony entered his first international juggling competition only to walk away with a gold medal. It was then that Anthony was first inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. From there he made an appearance on the television show "That's Incredible". It was on this television show that he was noticed by a talent agent that would later bring him to Paris to compete at the Festival Mondial. Anthony was just nine years old. Again he came away victorious having won the gold medal competing against many different variety's of circus artists.

Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo is the equivelant of the Academy Awards for Circus arts. The Royal family of Monaco is in charge of this festival and they hand pick the performers each and every year seeking only the best of the best. Anthony was first invited to participate at just 11 years old. To learn more about Anthony's amazing journey to capturing the highest prize there...

Anthony was offered numerous contracts from America to Australia and it was then that Anthony's family decided to move to Vegas so that he may begin a career as a professional juggler. At age 10 he landed a contract at the Flamingo Hilton in the show "City Lights" on the famous Las Vegas strip. He was following world renowned juggler Nino Frediana which was as they say in showbiz... a tough act to follow. Even at 10 years old Anthony lived up to the challenge of performing nightly at the Flamingo Hilton for over 12 months. It was the only time such a prodigy had been a featured act in the glamorous shows of Las Vegas. Another highlight for him was performing at " Bal du Moulin Rouge," at the Las Vegas Hilton at the early age of 11 alongside such names as Debbie Reynolds, Charo, Jim Neighbors, Rip Taylor, Susan Summers and more.

Anthony continued on during these years making periodic appearances throughout Europe even performing at the Royal Command Performance for her Majesty the Queen Mother as well as Prince Charles and Lady Diana. In addition he competed in circus festivals in Italy, Belgium, and Mexico and earned the gold medal at all of those festivals. He performed steadily and practiced diligently while growing up. During his late teenage years Anthony broke every major juggling record that existed and continued breaking his own records consistently. Even to this day Anthony's records still hold strong.

In the year 1998 Anthony performed in Branson Missouri where he met his wife Danielle who was then a professional dancer. They were married in 1999 and just six months later Danielle joined the act and added a new flair as Anthony's assistant. Together they have capitalized on Danielle's dance ability along with Anthony's juggling ability to create an unrivaled juggling performance.

One of the highlights of Anthony's career came in the year 2000 when he competed in the Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo. This is the absolute most important competition in the circus world and no juggler had ever taken a gold home. This pressure did not seem to faze this amazing juggler. Once again Anthony's ability would lead him to victory and he walked away with a Gold and to this day is the only juggler in the world to hold such a prestigious prize.

Anthony has continued to play the worlds top venues including Lido De Paris, Tiger Palast, Bally's Casino, Monte Carlo Sporting Club, and many many more. He and his wife Danielle recently joined Cirque du Soleil. With this Anthony has capitalized on his ability to play a corky character called "the delivery man" which appears in the animation and opening of Kooza. You can see him playing as a Keystone Cop character during the show as well. He has now been with Cirque du Soleil for nearly three years.

The best juggling act ever

While on tour in April of 2009, Danielle gave birth to beautiful healthy baby boy, Gabriel Anthony. This new addition to the family has has been the most exciting event for the couple to date. Managing career and family is always a difficult task but it is doubled when you are touring 50 weeks out of the year. The joys of fatherhood are are exponential for Anthony who continues to strive for greatness while balancing his growing family life.

With all of his accomplishments and uncanny ability Anthony has been dubbed as by experts and spectators alike as "The World's Greatest Juggler." Many people credit Anthony for bringing juggling to new and undiscovered levels of difficulty and excitement. To this day he continues to push the limits of human ability while focusing on what is most important for this artist; and that is entertaining his audiences world wide.

See Anthony performing live with Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba. In Orlando, Florida Downtown Disney.

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